The map of consciousness, developed by David Hawkins, was created to develop an understanding of how powerful our...


The map of consciousness, developed by David Hawkins, was created to develop an understanding of how powerful our thoughts are, and how they directly influence our lives.  The testing uses a muscle reaction technique called Applied Kinesiology. The research was scientifically-validated and published in Dr. Hawkins’ doctorate dissertation titled Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibrations of the Level of Human Consciousness. Basically his test proved the connection between energy and the thoughts we carry. This scale is straight forward and can be applied immediately into your life. Deliberate practice is of utmost importance when attempting to apply this strategy into your life. The highly sought after benefits take a while to dial-in.

It all comes down to thought adjustment, deliberately changing the mind through simple thought changes. Below is a list of low thinking patterns, followed by the correcting high consciousness thought pattern.

At first most people have huge resistance against this approach. But, the mind-body connection is slowly revealing more and more science that supports these claims. I suggest you be very open minded while challenging yourself to overcome old beliefs and creating new a thought approach to life.

The other options is to completely commit and believe to these principles right off the bat. We all know how powerful our minds can be when our stubborn thinking will not let go of a belief!

What are your thoughts immediately after reviewing this theory in thought change?

Attitudes & Perceptions

Low Consciousness                       High Consciousness 

Impatient                                                Tolerant
Demand                                                   Prefer
Desire                                                      Value
Upset, tension                                       Calm, deliberate
Control                                                    Let go, surrender
Utilitarian use                                       Sees potential
Literal                                                      Intuitive
Ego-self directed                                   Ego, plus other-oriented
Personal & family survival                 Survival of others
Constrictive                                            Expansive
Exploit, use up                                       Preserve, enhance
Design                                                     Art
Competition                                           Cooperation
Pretty, attractive                                    Aesthetics
Naive, impressionable                        Sophisticated, informed
Guilt                                                         Regret
Gullible                                                   Thoughtful
Pessimist                                                Optimist
Excess                                                     Balance
Force                                                       Power
Smart, clever                                         Intelligent
Exploits life                                           Serves life
Callous                                                   Merciful
Insensitive                                            Sensitive
Particularize                                         Contextualize
Statement                                              Hypothesis
Closure                                                   Open-ended
Terminal                                               Germinal
Sympathize                                           Empathize
Rate                                                        Evaluate
Want                                                      Choose
Avoid                                                      Face and accept
Childish                                                 Mature
Attacks                                                   Avoids
Critical                                                   Accepting
Condemning                                        Forgiving
Skepticism                                            Comprehend



David Hawkins Prayer

David Hawkins Prayer


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