Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative Today [VIDEO]
Here’s One Beautiful Way To Tolerate Isolation [VIDEO]
Go outside if you’re able, breathe the airthere are trees for huggingdon’t be embarrassedit’s your friend, it’s your mother,...
One Woman’s Path To God In Japan
わたしのチイサナココロ is a short documentary following the steps of one woman’s journey along the...
You Can Trust Me……. I Promise
Why is it that doubt operates with such force in our lives? Do you wish the scars you have from broken trust would just vanish? Does that bitter taste of betrayal linger in the back of your  mind, leaving you suspicion and judgement? And, most importantly…….are you ready to... Read more
What To Do With Fear? Love it! – Top Fear Quotes
“We consume our tomorrows fretting about our yesterdays.”  Aulus Persius Flaccus  “Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.”  Cheri Huber “Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want... Read more
9 Things That Always Get in The Way of My Success
  Living a life filled with extreme controversy and zealous demands has never brought me much reward. It may have charmed the cautious onlookers but it was generally a façade, masking several vulnerable layers that I would rather not expose to the world. If anything, my aggressive approach to... Read more
10 Tips To Stop You From Wasting Your Life On Facebook
7 a.m. strikes with a vengeance and my alarm starts buzzing. My mind starts racing before I peel the covers off the bed. Where does my hand go first? Does my brain send the typical signal to scratch a certain area of the body? no, my hand reaches across... Read more
The procrastination bug has bit hard this week. What am I left to do? The feelings of inadequacy and frustration build as I step back from that place of flow and performance just a week ago. Do I write my way through the problem or do I sit back... Read more
  The plane touches down three hours late and you taxi towards your gate. The tension rises in the plane, the delay disrupts everyones day and it is written on everyones face. The few people who have yet to miss their connecting flights yet, they were awarded with exit... Read more
Nightlife Is For Narcissism
  Wednesday comes to an end and you begin to see the light of the weekend approaching near. You start texting your closest pals in attempts to brew excitement for a night filled with fist pumps and high fives! The local club scene is calling your name, and it is... Read more
  1- All 0r Nothing Thinking You view a situation in only two categories instead of on a continuum   2- Anticipating Negative Outcomes You expect that something negative has happened or is going to happen. A – Fortune Telling – You predict that something negative is going to... Read more
Does it ever feel like the wool is slowly being pulled over your eyes each year? “OMG Becky! The new iphone is coming out!” What does that even mean, new iphone? It’s still seven-hundred…. after tax dollars, isn’t it? Still the same shape? …The same small screen? … with... Read more
Surrounded by stressors throughout the day you come to a breaking point. Reacting to one situation after another has left you empty, fatigued and filled with frustration. The storm of life is brewing all around you it seems. If only there was a shut off value, a release from... Read more
Through childhood we all form beliefs about life that can shape our life long journeys. The question is what lens and perspective will you hold ? Core Beliefs That You Currently Hold and Need To Correct Immediately. Worrying Imaging the worst case scenario Fantasies of disaster or catastrophe Danger... Read more
Days filled with complexities and decision making strategies make it difficult  to decipher what needs be acted on immediately and what should be set aside for further internal debate. Time is referenced in short supply and we are taxed to answer emails, make phone calls, return text messages, book... Read more