Surrounded by stressors throughout the day you come to a breaking point. Reacting to one situation after another has left you empty, fatigued and...

Surrounded by stressors throughout the day you come to a breaking point. Reacting to one situation after another has left you empty, fatigued and filled with frustration. The storm of life is brewing all around you it seems. If only there was a shut off value, a release from these stressful people and situations.

You manage to hold on a few more hours until the end of your day without exploding, knowing that in few hours you will be off on your camping adventure. Hope slowly returns to your heart and you illuminate the world with an optimistic smile. Soon you will be surrounded by the peace and serenity that nature offers you. The fresh clean air, fishing at the lake, and alone time in nature is exactly what you need right now. Escaping from all these fire breathing heathens that you seem to come across so frequently.

Stormy Water

The turbulent clouds bounce along the skyline and a storm begins to make its way closer to you. Having taken the weekend off to unwind on a camping trip your mood turns sour. This is the last thing you were hoping for during this weekend of decompression. “Why me? Why now?, this isn’t suppose to be happening on my holidays”.

You feel as if the world, and God, has brought this storm to you as a curse.  A bad omen that you have potentially done something wrong to deserve this terrible weather; mother nature is lashing out directly at you. This personal attack leaves you utterly defeated and depressed.

The heavy clouds approach faster, bringing with them what seems to be a torrential downpour. Your external world now seems to match the feelings that you have tried to internally escape from all week. Instead of taking a beating from the wind and huge volume of rain pouring down, you seek solace in your truck parked up on a ridge not far from your lake side campground.

As you sit in your truck you look over the vast lake and tell yourself to just breathe, and hopefully the storm will pass quickly. Unfortunately the storms powerful surge does not subside and turns that once docile lake into a chaotic wave pool. That feeling of powerless defeat surrounds your consciousness and  you sink lower into your seat.

What has changed?

Is the glass left completely empty, or is there potential for you to view it as half full?

Are you not away from the chaos of the downtown infrastructure?

Do you not sit in a place of complete separation from those fire breathing heathens you work with?

Does a change in the weather represent complete defeat for the weekend, or is there still beauty around you for you to explore and absorb?

Can a temporary change in circumstances uproot all your perceived wellness and beauty that you found with this lake with just a few short hours ago?


This parable serves as a typical example of how we react to life. The deep seated thoughts we hold about life and the hands we are dealt need to be reviewed. 

Calm Water

Become The Deep Lake

Know that regardless of the activity taking place on the surface of the lake, deep down there is a stillness that can never be interrupted by the prevailing winds above. Your inner calmness does not depend on the tranquility of the world around you. The surface level interactions in your life never hold the power to undo that peace and stillness inside of you. It is the minds identification with ‘things’ that bring forth your deep seated reactions, unsettling and defensive in nature. Go beyond mind-made oppositions, and trust that all of these non-permanent experiences need no emotionally charged reaction. Do not charge your spirit with grief, fear, jealousy, greed, or defence. Charge your spirit from the calm waters we all hold within. You are never at a loss in life unless your mind-made perceptions create this notion in the first place.


How do you balance yourself from life stressors ?


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