Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative Today [VIDEO]
Here’s One Beautiful Way To Tolerate Isolation [VIDEO]
Go outside if you’re able, breathe the airthere are trees for huggingdon’t be embarrassedit’s your friend, it’s your mother,...
One Woman’s Path To God In Japan
わたしのチイサナココロ is a short documentary following the steps of one woman’s journey along the...
Sometimes Quickly, Often Slowly
One of the biggest reasons I started this blog, besides the hoop-dream of an idea of maybe one day making a living from this site, was to candidly reveal my struggles in sobriety. I hoped that it might help others that are on their own similar path, and help... Read more
Make Friends With Death With Meditation
I think about death a lot. It all started for me when I was about ten years old. I was sitting on the bottom of the stairs in my house and it hit me like an awakening that one day I would not exist on earth anymore, and that... Read more
Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Progress Update [VIDEO]
Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative Today [VIDEO]
This Spirited Man Speaks To The Miraculous Power Of Alcoholics Annonymous [VIDEO]
It turns out that this Neistat brother has had to battle his own demons over the years, but he doesn’t have to do it alone anymore. While many of us have viewed countless Youtube videos of his brother Casey Neistat, it is Van that might be the real diamond... Read more
Aziz Ansari Catches Some Unsuspecting Audience Members Off Guard [VIDEO]
Putting Covid and politics aside for a few minutes, Aziz cleverly addresses one common societal problem that many of us can easily be caught in, even if we have the best of intentions. Our inability to practice the restraint of pen and tongue online is highlighted in this short... Read more
It Is Still More Blessed To Give Than To Receive [VIDEO]
Garry Tan has been highlighted in the news lately because of his early investment of a couple hundred thousand dollars with Coinbase that sky-rocketed to more than 2 Billion dollars since the company has gone public. This co-founder of the highly successful venture capital firm, Initialized Capital, didn’t always... Read more
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Here’s Where We Go Wrong When It Comes To God [VIDEO]
God Seems To Have Moved
” I feel distant from God today,” is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear from people who seek after God. While I too must confess to having spoken those very words over the years, I have learned to hold a different perspective on what that phrase actually... Read more
How Hard Are You Seeking?
In 12-Step Recovery, we read a portion of Chapter five of the Big Book called “How it works”. The last sent from that passage is something I think many overlook its significance for the healing process to gel. While I don’t intend to slap you in the face to... Read more
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