12 Helpful Psychological Tricks 12 Helpful Psychological Tricks
  Look at people’s feet when they’re talking to you. If they are pointed away from you they really doesn’t want to speak to... 12 Helpful Psychological Tricks

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[1] Look at people’s feet when they’re talking to you. If they are pointed away from you they really doesn’t want to speak to you, or they want the conversation to end.

[2] When you’re on a first date, take that person somewhere exciting. They’ll associate you with that thrilling feeling and be excited to see you again!

[3] If you are about to enter a meeting where you are expected to be on the receiving end of negative lashing by your boss, sit right beside your boss. They’ll lose the pack mentality that makes them feel safe to attack you. Even if they do verbally attack the lambasting will be significantly less.

[4] Put a mirror behind you on the wall if you work in customer service. Customers will be much nicer because nobody wants to see themselves acting like an irate asshole.  

[5] While on a busy side walk, look at where you’re going instead of at the people in your way. If they get a glimpse of your eye-line they will be much more likely to get out of your way. 

[6] People are much more likely to agree to do something for you if you get them to do something small to begin with. This is the good old foot-in the door trick. 

[7] If you make yourself excited to see other people, the next time they see you, they’ll likely be a lot happier to see you. 

[8] If when you ask someone a question and they only provide you with a bare minimum answer, maintain eye-contact and remain silent. They will usually assume the original answer wasn’t adequate and will elaborate much further.  

[9] Many physical effects of stress are the same as those of exhilaration (such as heavy breathing, speeding heart, etc.). If you reframe your threatening situation as a challenging one, your stress will turn into exhilaration. 

[10] Nodding your head while you talk will make people more inclined to agree with you.

[11] If you want to throw someone off their game, whether it be sports or some other form of competition ask them to break down exactly what they are doing so well. The over-thinking will likely throw them out of their rhythm and off their game. It’s a nasty trick, I know!

[12] People will be more relaxed around you if you match their posture. Cross legged, standing, leaning, etc.


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