Feeling Completely Overwhelmed With School? – That’s Okay, We Can Help! Feeling Completely Overwhelmed With School? – That’s Okay, We Can Help!
The Ultimate Guide On Becoming A Power Student It’s that time of the year again. Instead of being excited about the upcoming holidays, students... Feeling Completely Overwhelmed With School? – That’s Okay, We Can Help!

The Ultimate Guide On Becoming A Power Student

It’s that time of the year again. Instead of being excited about the upcoming holidays, students are occupied with multiple essays, preparations for the approaching standardized tests, and crafting applications for college/postgraduate school admissions. How can you stay cool-headed during times of such stress? The last thing you should do is give up on your goals and relax during the holiday season. Yes, there will be time for relaxation, but you should balance out your activities in a way that will help you stay productive and successful.

In the continuation, you’ll find great tips on how to become a better student when you’re under pressure.

Do your work, but don’t forget about rest

Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique tailored to boost your productivity? If you strain your mind too hard and you force yourself to study for an entire day, you’ll be practically useless during the following day. Your energy levels need to regenerate after hard work, so you have to be careful about the way you use them. According to the Pomodoro method, you should take short breaks of 5 minutes after each studying/writing session of 25 minutes. After four pomodoros, you should take a longer break and relax.

Healthy sleep is also very important. Don’t forget about fun too! You need some time for yourself if you want to be motivated for studying.

Get rid of the clutter

If your room is a mess, you’ll be more stressed than usual. When you have too much to study, a cluttered space doesn’t allow you to focus. You have to organize your study area. If you’re living with roommates, that might be a difficult goal to achieve, but try to keep your own space as clean as possible. When you sit in your chair and you start studying on an organized desk, your mind will instantly get into focus mode.

You should invest in some notepads, pens, markers, Post-It notes, and other materials that will motivate you to go through the studying material.

Focus on the task at hand

This situation might sound familiar: you can’t focus on studying or writing an essay because all your friends are watching the game together. Since you can’t accomplish good results when your mind wanders around, you decide to join them for the night. However, you can’t enjoy the company because you’re constantly worried about having too much studying to do.

The problem is in your inability to direct your energy at the present moment. When you’re caught between two conflicting needs or goals, you should stay aware of your thoughts. Analyze the situation and try to achieve both things at their own time. For example, you can go relax with your friends and get up early the following morning, so you can make up for the lost time.

Shift to a positive mindset

Positive mental attitude leads you to greater success. When you believe that you are going to learn everything for the exams and you’re going to get good results because of the efforts you invest, you will improve your productivity and you’ll harness the true power of your mind. You need to maintain this approach throughout your studies. Remind yourself of the purpose for devoting years of your life to college/university.

There is a good future ahead of you, and you can achieve greatness if you just keep going forward.   

Learn how to manage your time

Genius people have the same 24 hours in a day that you have. They still have fun and maintain social life (well, most of them do), but they are also above-average achievers. The difference is in time management. Plan your activities for the next day before you go to bed. The timeline you create will get into your subconscious while you sleep, so you’ll be prepared to face the challenges.

Get up on time and tackle each task as planned. Don’t put off important assignments and responsibilities; that will only add up to the mental stress you’re already experiencing.   

Give yourself recognition

Sometimes you’ll complete all papers by the deadlines, you’ll get good results on your tests and you’ll still have time for your friends. Other periods won’t be that successful. The amplitude of achievements will go up and down, but you must never be too hard on yourself. A healthy dose of criticism is okay; self-evaluation wakes you up and pushes you forward. However, you shouldn’t judge yourself too hard.

When you are in the middle of a low period, it’s important to remind yourself about the good results you’ve already achieved. A particular exam seems too hard? Think about all previous situations you went through. You already surpassed many obstacles, so nothing is impossible from this point on. If you fail, there is always another chance to do better.

Learn how to manage the workload

No matter how hard you try to write every single essay and get ready for the tests on time, sometimes there is no way for you to achieve every goal you planned. Do you know how you can stay productive during such crisis? You delegate! For example, you can use a writing service, which provides assignment help to assist you with some of your projects, while you devote your time to studying. If you can’t compose the best admission essays, you can hire professional writers will do a great job.

Your objective should be achieving all goals on time. If you evaluate the situation and realize that’s impossible, outsourcing is the only solution you have.   

Develop good habits

Routine is more powerful than you anticipate. Think about some habits you want to change. You like staying in bed in the morning and you always go to sleep late? These are bad habits. Think about the way they influence your life. When you go to bed, make a recap of the day. Did you cover every point in your list? Maybe you didn’t manage to get some exercise because you couldn’t get out of bed early? Remind yourself of these slips every night. Have a positive intention for the next day and tell yourself that you’re going to change those habits.

In few days, the motivation will come from your subconscious levels. You’ll start doing the things you wanted to do, and these new activities will slowly progress into daily habits.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Healthy food and proper exercise literally change the way your brain functions. Switch fast food meals with superfoods and get up early for your morning exercise routine. You’ll feel much better when you’re responsible for your health, and you’ll immediately experience higher energy levels.

If you add regular meditation and relaxation on top of all lifestyle changes you make, you’ll be able to manage the stress levels even better. You only need 10 minutes of your day to sit down and stay quiet. The calm breathing and peace of mind will bring you in a more productive state. This takes a lot of practice, so don’t give up if you don’t find the peace in the first attempts.

Know your potential!

Remember the good-old saying: don’t bite off more than you can chew. This saying is wiser than all your textbooks put together. It’s okay to be an ambitious student. However, you have to be aware of your capacity before you sign up for another responsible task. You are always the first one to apply when your professors need help with gathering materials for a presentation? You like helping your friends to complete their homework?

Accept the challenges only when you have the time and energy for them. Instead of tackling too much work at once, make sure to organize your work into manageable chunks that will help you stay relaxed.

The important thing to remember is that you can do it! All students face the same challenges; you only need a successful approach to the burdening tasks. As you start tackling one goal at a time, you’ll surprise yourself with the achievements you make.     


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