Top 7 Things We Do To Undermine Our Day

Selling Yourself Short


There is massive power in the subtleties in life, so why not grab hold of your perceptions and beliefs and shape them to your advantage each day.


[1]Take unconditional love and the people who truly care about us for granted.


[2]We rarely take the time to connect with people. We get in a rhythm of seeing the same paperboy, Starbucks barista, parking lady, you name it, but we never attempt to connect with these people. Take that extra minute to really communicate with these thought to be strangers. They too recognize you and your habitual lifestyle, so why not treat them with a little more care and attention.

[3]Comparing yourself to your peers, and then shaping your goals and value propositions in life from their perceived successes shown to the world on social media. The tried, tested and true approach to life of comparing others outsides to your insides. Good luck with that! =)


[4]Being overly frugal and not indulging in the finer things in life once in a while. Pampering yourself is a wonderful approach to self-kindness. It is okay to buy that fancy shirt, get that expensive hair cut, or spend that special day at the spa this weekend. You are worth it!


[5]Focusing on things you don’t have or have fallen short on. If you are looking for the bad in life, trust me, you will find it. The result will be a day filled gloom and frustration. Fortunately the reverse of this approach works just as well. Let’s make the right choice today.


[6]Seeking validation from others, attempting to fill a role that your friends, family, teachers or boss has outlined for you instead of chasing down your own vision.


 [7]Living in a world where you view everyone as competition. You will always fall short in life if you carry this perspective in life. People are not threats to your success but resources for your glory. At a fundamental level, all we really want in life is connection and appreciation. Approach people with a kind eye today and see what kind of response you get in return. Chances are the positive vibes you give out will be reciprocated.


For more happiness tips, check out Thought Catalog!


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4 Responses to Top 7 Things We Do To Undermine Our Day

  1. Don October 8, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    I really started enjoying connecting with people over the last couple years. The person ringing out out at the store, the customer service rep on the phone, the doorman, etc. So many people pass them by without asking (and really meaning) how are you. I used to work in those positions and that’s when I really realized what a difference it makes if someone spends an extra 30 seconds talking to you.

    • growthguided October 9, 2013 at 10:17 am #

      Absolutely! Why not make the extra 30 seconds worth of effort to make others feel a little bit lighter on their toes and appreciated! Chances are they will pass on those good vibes to others that day as well!


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