Three Feet From Gold – Greg S. Reid – Book Review

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Do you want to learn about tenacity?

Do you want to learn how persistence breaks down the walls of resistance?

What about intuition, and how this driving force can connect you with your real purpose in life?

I don’t know about you, but I think it is vital that we read material which content focuses on life lessons of growth. If we aren’t mentored from a very young age of the correct mental posture to hold, then how are we ever going to evolve out of our typical mindset that focuses on limitation?

In Greg S. Reid‘s book, Three Feet from Gold¬†you will learn how leaders of industry took huge life obstacles and turned them into opportunity, resulting in lives filled with success and prosperity. Not a bad trade off if you ask me!

Greg, having been struggling in all facets of life, had been slowly watching his small marketing business, girlfriend, and self worth deteriorate right in front of him for the last couple of years. And then, an experiences took place that will forever change his life. From this point on, his life unfolded in a fashion that could have never been dreamed of prior.

From one legend of industry to the next, Greg was granted access to the minds of Mike Helton, Evander Holyfield, Don Green, Tom Haggai, Truett Cathy and Richard Cohn to name a few, and was filled with guidance and inspiration that we can all benefit from.

This is definitely a worthy read that you could keep at your bedside and read smalls passages of to start your day in a passion.

If you have already read this book, check out another book Greg wrote called The Millionaire Mentor.

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3 Feet From Gold

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