Telephone Meditation – Non Formal Mindfulness Meditation

Many people would love to experience the plentiful rewards that meditation can bring to you but lack the immediate discipline for a traditional 20 minute seated meditation. The great news is you can slowly discipline yourself with only a couple minutes of mindfulness that you can place into any experience.

Throughout a normal day we are challenged to relax and enjoy the small significant moments  of the day, sitting in comparison and anticipation of events to come. This causes separation from the present moment (the only thing that matters) and allows the mind to drift in the illusion of time.

There are many things we do unconsciously throughout the day like eating, reading, driving, and talking on the phone. Take the time to dissect and devote yourself to one of these exercises and see if you can gain more from the experience.

Telephone Meditation

How many times a day does your phone ring? Do you think you could spare just one phone call, and approach it from a different angle today?

On the next incoming call devote every ounce of your attention to it. Bring mindfulness to the experience. Use the ringer as a reminder to take a focused breath in, to the depths of your belly to the top of your rib cage, filling the lungs with life. Dedicate  yourself and be still where ever you are, avoiding the habitual urge to multitask.

The conversation at hand is the only thing that matters at the time of the call. Give your undivided attention to the person you are speaking with and watch the event unfold from such a different perspective.

After the phone call, take a minute to review the experience. What did you notice about the phone call? How did it differ from your average phone call? What did you learn from the experience?

Perfect Phone Call

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