Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins

For many of those who find themselves on that spiritual quest that is so highly talked about these days, you might want to take some time to review the work of the American doctor , David Hawkins. He has pioneered a method of tuning your mind via power vs force thought pattern control. Now, this is a very ‘out there’ concept with many skeptics but I think it holds some serious ground in the mindset revolution. I hope you take some time to review his work to help you on your journey to freedom from thought.

Today I will leave you with a few pictures of the Map of Consciousness, and a link that does a fantastic job breaking down each principle here. To avoid overwhelming you with detail, I think reviewing the map itself will start the ball rolling for you!

For your benefit I have added various images of the Consciousness Map, some people learn from different colour combos. ** All map of consciousness pictures and information within are of the property of David Hawkins.

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