Dan Pink Loves Motivation

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I thought about writing a long detailed introduction to Dan and his incredible study into the topic of motivation, but I think it would be more beneficial for you to simply watch his Ted Talk.

This Ted Talk about motivation is the perfect place to start to understand what Dan is all about!



For more about Dan Pink’s strategy for motivation within the workplace, check the interview he did at Wharton Business School. In 2013 Wharton was ranked #3 in the world, so I’d say they’d have a pretty good understanding of what works! To connect with Dan via the Twitter machine, click here.



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2 Responses to Dan Pink Loves Motivation

  1. Rachel January 7, 2014 at 12:54 pm #

    I really love this guys perspective on the sales interaction.

    I often feel like sales is a terrible thing, when really it is something we all take part in.

    Thank you for posting these videos. They were great!


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