Rikki Mendias “The Sneaker Saint” Kicks Off This Week’s Inspirations [VIDEO]
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Now Serving – A Solid Dose Of Inspiration
I’ve regularly visited a family run vietnamese restaurant for over a decade now. At this point I would say...
This Russian Teen Born Without Fingers Becomes A Celebrated Pianist [VIDEO]
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Some Spiritual Inspiration For Those Of You In Recovery [VIDEO]
With the diminishing hours of sunlight and existential thinking on the rise this time of the year, it’s understandable if you are feeling out of sorts. For the extremely sensitive type who might be doubting their own spiritual journey and connection to God recently I thought I would help pour... Read more
10 Common Thoughts People Who Suffer From Anxiety Can All Relate To
You constantly fear the worst scenario in every situation.   You replay conversations and experiences over and over in your head wishing they went differently.   You compare your success (or lack of success) in your own life to other people who are the same age as you.  ... Read more
You Won’t Believe What This Man Working At A Mining Camp Uncovered
A Chinese man was slaving away in a mining camp one hot sunny day and was desperately thirsty for a drink of water. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a merchant passing by pushing a beverage cart. The man pleaded and begged the merchant to give... Read more
Top Thoughts Thursday – 156
Here’s What They Won’t Tell You About Mental Illness In The Rooms Of Recovery
Recovery has been an amazing journey for me over the years. I have gained immense insight into honesty, compassion and humanity that is offered so sparingly in this world from AA , or “The Rooms”, as they are commonly referred to. A healing-centered fellowship that has a wide open door policy... Read more
Clifford Joseph Harris Explains The Business Of Incarceration [VIDEO]
There is a lot more going on behind America’s mass incarceration policies than simply “keeping our streets safe”. Infamous gangster rapper, and underground king of the south- T.I has a few insights for the public on what really keeps the prisons filled. Now, I’m sure many of you find... Read more
Come See What Celebrities Look Like Without Photoshop
As an early 80’s baby I was fortunate enough to grow up in a world where every kid didn’t have their own smartphone to capture their every waking moment. Do you want to know what my first cell phone did? It made phone calls and sent text message, full... Read more
Top Thoughts Thursday – 155
The New “Thoughts & Prayers” App Will Revolutionize Your Life [VIDEO]
This is absolutely fantastic! Read more
Here Is A Strong Case For Education Reform From Prince EA [VIDEO]
How Come This Video Doesn’t Have 100 Million Views Yet ?
This video is fantastic! I just wish they would have stopped the video at the 2:15 minute mark. Their attempt at humour takes away from the seriousness of the message. What do you guys think? Please share this video in hopes of preventing Jesus from returning to save us from... Read more
Use These Bargaining Tips To Get Yourself A Deal This Week [VIDEO]