jim carrey spiritual speech

Jim Carrey Explains His Spiritual View of Life [VIDEO]

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American and Canadian Children Fall Short to Finland in Academics – Here’s Why!

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10 Facts For You Social Media Buffs

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The Time Has Come For You To Meditate – Guided Videos

Another week has passed before you where you haven’t taken the time a success skill-set that millions use every day. To make it a bit easier for you to bring this new practice into your life I have complied a few guided mediations for you. No more excuses please, you are worth it! A big thanks to Luminita for [...]

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funny garlic picture

Ever Wonder How Garlic is Grown?

Garlic is one of my favourite super-foods, it has anti-bacteria, anti-yeast and anti-virus properties that help boost up your immunity. Garlic has also been proven to fight off disease, increase your mood, and can help fight cancer. The National Cancer Institute found high consumption of allium vegetables like garlic, were correlated a 50% risk reduction [...]

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have a great day

Top Thoughts Thursday – 69


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time out picture

5 Sites You Can Use To Calm Yourself

We all need a time out to just unplug from the work day. Whether you are travelling at the airport, sitting at your desk (hopefully standing with an elevated desk), or even on your lunch break you can choose one of these sites too just drift away for a few minutes. I love the HD [...]

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Top 7 Reasons You Need An Elevated Desk At Work

[1] – If you find yourself sitting for 6 hours or more each day, you are 40% more likely to die in the next 15 years than an individual who only remains seated for three hours. [2] – Enzymes that aid in the break down of lipids drop by approximately 90% if you remain seated for over 8 [...]

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save a life today

Stephanie Headley Learns About Kindness First Hand

“Just as he turned to leave, I said: ‘God bless you,’ and he smiled — big smile — and then he turned around and left” Stephanie Headley was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called systemic scleroderma, and given little to no chance for survival. This disease caused her skin, arteries, veins several organs to harden and [...]

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alan watts drawing

Alan Watts Explains What You Really Are

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