today im free

Top 25 Regrets I Lived With For The Last 20 Years And Choose Not To Live With Any More

Today I got to witness something I have always wanted to see. It was something many of you might not hold with much excitement, but today I was charged by the experience. I took a drive along the coast to a small town not far away from where I live, to grab a coffee and interrupt my […]

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tomorrow is here today again

Funny GIF Friday – 7


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make that google money

Make That Google Money – Google Explains The Best Ad Placement Via Infographic

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more trees please

Top Thoughts Thursday – 90

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Sitting Facts

Science Says Sitting Is Really Bad For You – Find Out Why [VIDEO]

Find out how simple changes in your posture can make huge differences to your day!

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Wall Street Sign

How Does The Stock Exchange Work ? [VIDEO]

Today you might feel like the British have really invaded GrowthGuided, but not to worry because they have brought some knowledge to share with you. On another note, please don’t ever invest in mutual funds! You should investigate the gross fees involved with investing in mutual funds instead of investing directly in a company’s stock […]

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what is life?

It’s Time To Learn About Cells & Life [VIDEO]

His accent is quite lovely, isn’t it?

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cant see well

Will Carrots Actually Help You See Better? [VIDEO]

Those English and their fables (:

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Floria Guei won't be stopped

Floria Guei Will Not Be Stopped – European Championship Relay [VIDEO]

Pulling from 4th to 1st  place in the last 50 minutes of the 4×400 European Championship is an incredible sight to see. Floria Guei is an inspiration!   If you liked that video, you will be blown away by the Kayla Montgomery story as well!

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pasta time

Random Act Of Pasta – $100 Unlimited Pasta Card From Olive Garden [VIDEO]

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