Reducing crime in Boston

Pastor Jeffrey Brown Steps Up To The Plate And Demolishes Crime Rates In Boston – TED Talk

Rev. Jeffrey Brown connected with some of societies lowest common dominator to find a solution to the violent crimes in Boston. What Brown learned is that these kids weren’t turning to violence because they were inherently evil people — they were just trying to survive in a society that had offered them few opportunities to rise […]

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hand gesture magic

How Many Of These Life Hacks Have You Tried ? [VIDEO]

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coffee time explained

You Need To Learn About The Relationship Between Caffeine Effectiveness And Cortisol Levels [VIDEO]

Do you think there is more to the caffeine effectiveness equation than the findings in this short video?

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humpback whale escaped

Feel Good Video Of The Week – Humpback Whale Freed From Fishing Line In The Sea Of Cortez

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millions from bacon

These Teens Made Millions And So Can You [VIDEO]

It’s Monday, you are probably sitting at your desk wishing you had the freedom in life, wishing you had more money in life and wishing you knew what the next step was for you to make it big. Unfortunately I won’t be framing your next perfect move for you today, I can certainly introduce to you a […]

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drew carey was homeless

They People Have All Been Homeless Before They Made It To The Glamour Life [VIDEO]

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teachers save my life

Can You Imagine A World Without Teachers? [VIDEO]

Thanks to the team over @JubileeProject for reminding us just how influential teachers can be in our lives. Warning, you may find your room getting very dusty around the 2:35 mark! Damn allergy season!

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this isnt what it looks like

Could Cheating Be An Anecdote For Fighting Off Death? TED Talk [VIDEO]

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wine testing funny

Is Two Buck Chuck Only For The Shmucks ? Real Wine Value Explained [VIDEO]

Now many of you know I don’t drink any more, but I do recall falling victim to this high price tag trap of ‘prestigious and ‘award winning’ wines when I did drink. I guess we really are subliminally influenced to associate high price with high value. Until we shift our thinking around this notion the […]

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jesus christ can and will save you if you seek him

Top Thoughts Thursday – 112

You Might Also Let This Thought Soak Into Your Soul Today, “I do not believe that any of us have dreams that were not given to us for the purpose of accomplishing those particular dreams.”

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New House Alert ! New House Alert! – Welcome Home


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iq testing

Is There A Test Out There That Can Actually Measure Your Brilliance? [VIDEO]

I think not…but for now, at least we can shed some light on the lack of value that traditional IQ tests provide. If you were tasked with creating a test that would measure intelligence, what kind of questions would you ask people to outline their intellectual fortitude? Hopefully your questions would be a little bit […]

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gear down big rig

Net Neutrality Explained At The Webby Awards That You Need To Know About [VIDEO]

Can you imagine living in a time where corporate America limiting the strength and reach of your internet connection dependent upon on how much money you were capable of paying each month? This needs to never happen, so spread this knowledge with your friends. The monsters at Comcast need to be put in cages for […]

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ocd alert

It’s Time For You To Learn About The Myths Revolving Around OCD [VIDEO]

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