Prince Ea Motivational

A Little Pep Talk From Prince EA About Our Earth [VIDEO]

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fbi fucked up big time

The FBI Does A Step 5 And Comes Clean On Some Lies They’ve Been Holding For Decades

  The FBI finally admitted that for over two decades it gave flawed hair sample testimony. Of the hundreds of cases where the false testimonies were used, they were 95% in favour of the prosecution. There are still 1200 cases that haven’t even been investigated yet, and in over 50% of those cases still lingering the police or prosecutions […]

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fake youtube view count

Have You Ever Wondered Why A YouTube Video Says Only 301 Views When It Has Thousands Of Likes? [VIDEO]

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love for animals

Here Is The Story About Your Hormones And Your Love For Puppies [VIDEO]

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freeze, dont move

It’s Time To Learn About Your Rights Are When It Comes To Filming Cops [VIDEO]

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make money at home

Here Are Some Things To Look Out For Before You Start Printing Your Own Money [VIDEO]

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Top Thoughts Thursday – 107

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stretching guide for planes

A Stretching Guide Infographic For Those Of You Who Fly Often


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Tax escape method

This Is How The Bad Boys Of Business Avoid Paying Taxes Every Year [VIDEO]

Do you think it is fair that these behemoths of industry get to legally avoid paying taxes? Is this constitutional?

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murder was the case that they didnt give you

Are You Curious To Find Out Who Has Killed More Americans Since 2000 Than Terrorists ?

On U.S. soil since the year 2000, Police Officers have killed more Americans than the Islamist terrorists. Anand Katakam and the team over at Vox have created an amazing map that outlines just where these senseless crimes took place. According to their rearach, over 5,600 people have been killed at the hands of these ‘peace […]

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