Face The facts

The Brilliant Human Body – Unique Facts

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Locked Up Akon

God Bless America and Their Jails

Up to $100,000 a year to house an inmate? YIKES This sounds pretty reasonable considering the majority of tax paying civilians don’t come close to earning $50,000 a year in the states. Another huge reality you might want to face is that these jails are private – profit maximizing – institutions. So you the tax [...]

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Have Fun in Life

Top Thoughts Thursday – 54

Thai Life Insurance “Unsung Hero” Video

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Arnold stop whining

The Landmark Forum – Don’t Do It – Top Five Fails of Landmark Forum

Last Friday I had the opportunity to check out the Landmark Forum seminar. Many of you have probably heard about their work and if you haven’t they are a personal development company. This was a three day seminar which was held between the hours of 9am and 10pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You are given [...]

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process quote

Top Thoughts Thursday – 53


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Do What You want

Dr. John Kitchin Drops His Established Life For A Pair of Rollerblades

Dr. John Kitchin was a well established doctor practising psychiatry and neurology and then one day he quit his career to pursue his passion and start life all over again. For over a decade now John has spent his days surfing the board-walk at Pacific Beach in beautiful San Diego on his Rollerblades. He is [...]

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Life 2.0

It’s Monday – Life 2.0 Starts Today – Les Brown Video

Any chance I get to share a video with you guys from my favourite speaker in the world, Les Brown, I won’t waste one dying second.  It is Monday today and I hope this video will serve as the kick in the pants and a slight perspective change that might help your week evolve into [...]

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One Year Anniversary of TTT – Thank You!

  Westjet Christmas Commercial   Ryan Holladay Ted Talk – To Hear The Music You Have To Be There For another great TED Talk, view Stefan Larsson’s talk on healthcare.  

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Russell Brand Doesn't Drank

Favourite PINS for March

Mindset- (Fixed and Growth): The New Psychology of Success        

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Water view

March 22, 2014 = World Water Day

Check out more info about World Water Day 2014 and how various countries around the world are celebrating this day of awareness about the troubling issue of global fresh water shortages. The UN Water website provides you with much more insight to the background of the day and how you can get connected with the  cause. [...]

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